My 25-Minute At Home Workout with Bradley Fitness

As promised, I'm delivering my 25-minute at home workout regimen that I'm doing 2-3 times/week while my trainer Bradley Fitness is away. You guys, I am SO BAD at videos but I'm trying to get better and am actually looking for someone who specializes in this sort of thing so if you know anyone local, let me know! 

To get as much done in less time we do 2 exercises in a row, then take 1 minute rest. I finish all sets for that group before moving on to the next exercises, we're doing two sets now but I'll probably bump that up to three sets next week. What you need for these exercises are (2) 15 lb, weights, a resistance band, and a bench (any bench will do, even a chair without sides could work. Here's the video, so embarrassing but hopefully it does the trick: