Pretty Packages Tied up with String

I love finding new and creative ways to wrap presents. The other weekend while Grace was napping and Big Brian and Little Brian were swimming at the pool, I relished in the silence and got to wrapping. I remember learning about the culture of "gifting" in a sociology class and was amazed at how much history and tradition there is behind the act of giving across the globe. So, gifting is important, and it's not the price, it's the thought and care leading up to passing that one thing onto another. Along with that thought and care, is how it's presented and if you have the time, have fun with it. <FYI, most often I don't have the time, and my kids usually gift their little friends a toy store wrapped package with a simple card> 

I hit up the dollar aisle at target and bought all these fun ribbons and trimmings for holiday decorating that also happen to fit so nicely on my packages. One ribbon I splurged on was the sugar paper roll at $6 a pop but it's so pretty and I also used it to tie bows with our garland and on our wreaths all over our house. 

I'm a fan of plain old brown kraft paper, it's so pretty to embellish with ribbons and other holiday trimmings. On that little package I took a gold marker and drew little polka dots and added a sprig I snipped off a metallic pink tree I bought for the kids' playroom (no way they'll notice, right?!). I also used tulle and the pom pom ribbon to tie the bow.

On that teeny pink and gold dotted box (wrapping paper found at homegoods) I placed a glitter coaster on the top and wrapped it with the pom pom ribbon with a fresh sprig pulled off our tree. I think that's my fave because I'm pom pom obsessed and the coaster is so fun! 

1) Layer, layer, layer, the more the better! 

2) Target and Homegoods have awesome selections for paper, I love plain old brown kraft paper and simple patterns like polkadots and stripes, preferably with some sort of metallic like rose gold or gold. 

3) Use fresh ingredients like sprigs of pine or boxwood (you can probably just pull these off the decorations your home).

4) Think outside the box.  Use tulle, twine, pom-pom ribbon, dig up all your old ribbons and play around with them. I was able to wrap up these pretties with paper and ribbons I had on hand, but if you feel like you need a refresh, again I recommend Homegoods and Target <<dollar aisle>>. Try adding candy canes, ornaments, shells, whatever you have in the house. 

Have fun, and Happy Holidays :)