New Years Eve Black Jumpsuit

Hi Gals! It's been such a fun weekend, I feel like we've been celebrating since Friday at 5:00. Brian and I had a fun night in with the kids on Friday and ordered pizza and wings. We danced a lot in the kitchen, had a fire and watched Charlie Brown = perfection. We put the kids to bed around 7:30, made Moscow Mules and watched Christmas Vacation ... and I proceeded to fall asleep on the couch at 9:30, I did get in that mule though! 

We woke up on Saturday (also my birthday!!) to a winter wonderland outside! There was about 4-5 inches of fresh snow so we got a quick breakfast in and took the kids outside. Grace hated it at first but then loved it, it was so fun. We had family over for dinner and cake and blowing out the candles with my little nephew Teddy and Brian (Grace was asleep) was the highlight. 

Okay so now onto the fashion...I seriously never thought I could pull off a jumpsuit until this little pretty arrived at my door. It's SO stunning y'all and right under $150 so not too bad for a fun party outfit you can wear winter+summer. It fit me perfectly but I will say you'll need a good plunge bra, I love this one and lingerie tape, I have this and find myself using it lots, more in the summer. 

also, omg you guys it was like 15 degrees when we took these photos, I was literally freezing my a** off. 

jumpsuit / clutch / shoes / (earrings I wish I was wearing)

Up tomorrow :: my grandmother's recipe for delicious anisette cookies! (I'm so motivated ever since I got real with you all last week, I have ideas coming out of my ears, so THANK YOU AGAIN!)