vacation Update and an outfit

Hello pretty mamas! Checking in quickly from sunny Florida, and to let you know it's been quite the weekend so far with the motto of the trip being, "shit happens". On the plane ride down, Brian started coughing a lot and had a fever that night. His fever continued to go up so we brought him to urgent care where they diagnosed him with the flu (such a scary word to hear, and what could be worse than hearing this on vacation...well I guess a lot but it's pretty crappy). So far, little Brian is  the only one who has been hit and we all immediately got on tamiflu preventatively to help our cause. Big Brian actually took him to a hotel for a "boys only sleepover" to contain the virus and get it away from my parents (especially my mom who is immunodeficient) and Gracie. It hasn't been fun, having sick kids is the absolute worst, but at least we made it down here and we're hopeful things will turn around for us within the week! And hey, at least the sun is out and the orange juice is fresh! I just got word that Brian's feeling a little better today so hoping to get some time outside in the fresh air. 

Anyhow, on the first day the kids napped a ton and I was able to snag Big Brian to take some pictures of a new favorite sundress for me  to share, also THIS BAG!! I was so excited when my cousin at Stitch Stamford ( told me should monogram on raffia, doesn't it look so cute?!:

sundress / sunnies / sandalsbag / necklace

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