Life Update & A Cold Shoulder Striped Shift Dress


Ahh you guys I'm so sorry, my blogging has been sh*t this week, both Brian and Grace have been sick with terrible colds AND I just hired someone (!!!!) who's doing my brand management so I've been learning lots of new stuff with this whole new element of the business which has been quite time-consuming.

Also, side note, I've deemed being a work-at-home mom the hardest gig around. Not only are you a stay-at-home mom which is a full time job in and of itself if you want your kids to survive, let alone thrive, but you're also trying to juggle a full-time job simultaneously. I've written about this struggle over and over, and it seems to just get harder and harder. Our babysitter is also away so with no help I find myself finally able to get to work at 9:00 PM when all I want to do is pass the eff out from pure exhaustion. I am blessed, I know, but somedays I'm like, "is this ever going to get easier?!", and everyone with older kids tells me they would love to go back to these years...hmm...You know what, it's all hard, being a SAHM, full-time working mom, part-time working mom, stay-at-home-dad, whatever you are and whoever you are, I bow down to you because I know you feel the struggle, too, but we're in this together and we will make it through! At least it's Friday! 

Anyway, I was going to post about my new workouts today, but I really want to include video so I'm going to tackle that this weekend. I do have this dress that I've posted on instagram but wanted to get up on here as well. It's SOOOO cute, the shoulder detail is just to die for and it would be the perfect Easter dress <<BRB Grace just sneezed and it looks like a fire hydrant that just exploded>> It's true to size, I'm wearing a zero and it fit just right.

Shop the dress here! Lastly, happy weekend!!! Be sure to follow along on instagram to see moments of our life, and insanely ridiculous instal-stories <3