Weekend Recap, Life Update & An Outfit

choker / distressed white jeans / babydoll shirt / chairpillow

*this shirt is awesome, and so are the jeans, the choker is from Target (!!) and that chair is my all time favorite**

Hi gals! I'm so sorry for the radio silence the latter half of last week here on PJH. I got hit with the worst stomach bug of MY LIFE and was totally out of commission for two days. Grace had it on Monday night, little Brian on Tuesday night, and me on Wednesday night, it never ceases to amaze me how these things escape big Brian but I'm happy for him because I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. 

SO, once that was over the weekend was a blast. On Friday night we went to the Lumineers concert at MSG with some friends and it was AMAZING. I've never seen them in concert but their music has been the soundtrack of our life lately, we play it on our Amazon Echo almost every night in our kitchen while we're making dinner and eating with the kids in the background, and then we usually break out into some sort of dance party. It was such a moving show, I will definitely be seeing them again. A couple take aways: I love this line from their song Flowers in Your Hair : "It's a long road to wisdom but a short one to being ignored" and this one from their song Slow it Down : "And when she stood, she stood tall, she'll make a fool of you all", it makes me think of Grace. At one point in the show, Wesley, the lead singer, told us the story behind the song Long Way from Home, he wrote it about his dad who had passed away from cancer 10 years ago. It was so sad, so touching, and there was this old man sitting next to us who stood up and started crying during the performance. At the end of the show he turned to us and said, "Wesley's dad was my best friend". We hugged him and both cried again. If you have the chance to see the Lumineers, please go. They are on tour now so snag some tickets! 

On Saturday we got a new car! I have taking you on our test driving quests via my instagram stories and after looking at every SUV on the planet (not really but almost) we finally decided on the Volvo XC 90 and we LOVE it. It's sooo nice and  such a pleasure to drive. We were in a 2010 Ford Explorer before that so Brian will take that and I'll use the Volvo now :) My goal is to keep this car clean, my track record isn't so great with cars...

After getting the car, we stayed in all weekend with the kids and just lazed around, watched movies, played, it was nice and much needed. It was freezing so everyone was happy being cozied up inside.