LOFT for the WIN



I walked into Loft the other day and had a mini-freak out because everything was SO good! I picked up a couple of tops and they are having this "mystery sale" right now where you have to sign up for emails and then unlock your "magic" 40% code, GET INVOLVED (even if you do unsubscribe shortly after 😮)

SO here are my top picks:



I mean, HOW GOOD? My friend Camila Pavone of Effortless Style posted this pic of here new Loft bag :

so cute, right??

so cute, right??

and even little Gracie is a fan:



Happy Weekend my loves!! I'm SO excited, tomorrow my best friends, the girls I lived in Italy with while I was in college, and the ones we went on our trip with this past summer are all coming for a sleepover tomorrow night at our house, with hubbies and some kids. It's going to be a blast, I can't wait!!!

I hope you enjoy whatever you've got going on, and smile and laugh a lot 😍 

See you Monday!