Cooper's House

Seriously, my friends have the coolest houses. I know I preface almost every home tour saying this but I'm just always so amazed at the unique styles and effort my friends put into their homes. Cooper and Joe live in the Shippan neighborhood of Stamford with their two girls Elle (3) and Cameron (1) just steps away from the water. They bought their fixer-upper house about two years ago and little by little have completely transformed it to an upgraded stylish home full of love and collected treasures. The coolest part is that she and her husband Joe have done a majority of the work themselves, including a full bathroom and kitchen renovation...yes, themselves.

Cooper works as the Director of Product Development for Hat Attack and is the daughter of owners BJ and Bill Gedney, so style is definitely in her blood and it shows in every aspect of her lifestyle including in her home decor, fashion and entertaining. She's an inspiration to me and I'm so happy to share a peak into her home with you:


Don't you just love everything? What I love most about this home is that you can see the time and effort the pair have put in to transform each room into something so special and unique to their family. With Cooper's impeccable style and Joe's craftsmanship they really have made it their own and proved that it doesn't take lots and lots of money to make a gorgeous home, it takes time, a good eye and a skillful hand to turn a vision into reality. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour, let me know if you have any questions about particulars either in the comments below or on instagram and I will do my best to get your questions answered!