Artist Fave :: Susie Bettenhausen


I'm SO excited to share one of my favorite artists of all time today with you! I've been admiring the work of Susie Bettenhausen for years and she holds a special place in my heart because she paints from one of my favorite places on the eastern seaboard, Jupiter, Florida πŸ’•  Her layered colors and forms are free-flowing and beautiful, I could get lost staring at them. I suppose the true essence of art is to inspire and transport you from your current state and her work does just that for me. Her paintings instantly put a smile on my face and take me to the ocean, where I am most at peace. If I could dream up the perfect painting it would include any of hers, and if I afford to fill my entire house with her paintings believe me, I would. Her art embodies freedom, happiness and the beach, and who couldn't love staring at these pretties all day? 

Without further ado, here are a couple of my favorite pieces: 

Aren't they lovely?! To me, they're like abstract versions of the ocean, seashells, pineapples, flamingos, watermelons and every other pretty thing I like :)

Here is what's coming up for Susie :

She's traveling the country with her husband and kiddos this summer and painting along the way. When she's done, she will release what she's compiled and share bits along the way as well (make sure you follow her on instagram for daily prettiness, I LOVE her posts) 

She's participating in a small paper works pop up on April 19 at Furbish

She rarely does promo codes but since we're kindred spirits with the Jupiter 🌴  connection, she's offering 30% off anything in the shop through the end of April with code JOY30 << THIS IS BIG PEOPLE.