Welcome to my new home, PURE JOY HOME. Some of you may know me from my four years (wow how the time flies) blogging, tweeting, instagramming, facebooking, and pinteresting at Shorely Chic, and although my passion for all things beach will forever continue, blogging about my new life as a stay at home mom feels closer to my heart and is undoubtedly a more accurate reflection of me. I am so looking forward to this change and connecting with you through my posts.

My name is Liz Joy and I am a new mother who left her job to stay at home with her precious little baby boy and while he's sleeping, perfect the art of all things HOME. As soon as I became a mom and coincidentally moved into a new house the week before (at 40 weeks pregnant, that was fun), my mother, my hero, told me that I would forever be "the heart of the home". I took what she said very seriously and have made creating a home full of love for my family my number one priority.

I'm having so much fun and learning so much day-to-day raising little Brian, cooking recipes, decorating our home, making projects, entertaining friends, working on my Etsy shop, attempting to get my body back, etc... and look forward to sharing my experiences with you. I'll be posting my daily thoughts, feelings and happenings on this blog and hope you'll follow along on this exciting new venture!