Women Supporting Women with Sole Society


March is the month to celebrate women, how far we’ve come together and recognize that we are all indeed still pushing full steam ahead and chasing our dreams. Whether it’s taking the seat of CEO, becoming the entrepreneur you always dreamed of, or being a stay-at-home mom and raising children with the values and morals you believe in, you’re doin’ it girl, and we see you. 

There came a point after my first year blogging at Pure Joy Home when I sat back and thought about how I could give back to my community using the blog as my platform. The answer came from you, from your emails and messages seeking advice on how to start your own blogs and businesses. It’s by far one of my most popular and requested topics and so Blogging 101 was born. I love helping other women chase their dreams and anything I can do to help, I’m all in. I am by no means a blogging expert, but I have learned from my experience and am thrilled to impart any knowledge I’ve gained along the way to my fellow girl bosses.

When Sole Society approached me about the topic of celebrating Women’s History, I was so excited because a. I love their brand, and b. I had the perfect person in mind to connect with. I met Jessica through our nursery school in Stamford, and she asked to go over some blogging tips as she is just about to launch her own website. Jessica is a Zumba instructor but loves all topics related to healthy living, so starting a blog to go along with her business was a natural fit. We met one sunny afternoon and went over all the ins and outs of getting started, and I’m so excited to see her new brand flourish, locally and nationally!

My absolute favorite part of blogging is the people who I get to interact with. Although I am sitting in my office alone most days, the women I email, talk, and text with on a daily basis are SO incredibly inspiring and supportive. Their passions exude in their work and I feel so fortunate to be doing this alongside them. It’s women supporting women, we build each other up, and celebrate our accomplishments, the key is community over competition.

I’d like to thank Sole Society for sponsoring this inspiring campaign, and Stephanie Elliott Photography for the beautiful photos!


Packing List // Ponte Vedra Inn & Club

Ahhh!! Brian and I are SOOOOO excited to be taking a weekend away together at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club. It came together really quickly and it was one of those things where we looked at each other and we're like, "yeah?" "yeah?" YAASSSSS. I jumped on the phone with our babysitters, got plenty of coverage and playdates, etc... and we booked flights. I love a spur of the moment trip, so fun!

SO, this is literally what I packed, I'm so excited to try these new bathing suits out for size, and super cute shoes and dresses. 

Lovely Long Wrap Dress

This dress just made me feel like a surfer girl living in paradise, so when I saw this car parked off US-1, we begged the man to let me pose in front of it. He happily obliged :) Now, if only I could live in a world where this car was a viable option, that would be great. One day, I promise, we will live that life.

Isn't she pretty?? It's so soft and I just love that it's long, perfect for summer days AND nights :) 

Brian and I are off to Florida for the weekend, follow along on instagram and watch my stories to see where we're headed!