Packing List // Ponte Vedra Inn & Club

Ahhh!! Brian and I are SOOOOO excited to be taking a weekend away together at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Spa. It came together really quickly and it was one of those things where we looked at each other and we're like, "yeah?" "yeah?" YAASSSSS. I jumped on the phone with our babysitters, got plenty of coverage and playdates, etc... and we booked flights. I love a spur of the moment trip, so fun!

SO, this is literally what I packed, I'm so excited to try these new bathing suits out for size, and super cute shoes and dresses. 

Lovely Long Wrap Dress

This dress just made me feel like a surfer girl living in paradise, so when I saw this car parked off US-1, we begged the man to let me pose in front of it. He happily obliged :) Now, if only I could live in a world where this car was a viable option, that would be great. One day, I promise, we will live that life.

Isn't she pretty?? It's so soft and I just love that it's long, perfect for summer days AND nights :) 

Brian and I are off to Florida for the weekend, follow along on instagram and watch my stories to see where we're headed! 

Makeup Routine and My Favorite Beauty Picks


This post is SO long overdue and after yesterday's off-the-cuff insta-stories tutorial I got lots of emails and DM's about the products I use so I'm going to lay it all out for you here :) 

This is my routine: I wash my face with dove soap, it's the only soap that makes my skin feel super clean, not too dry, and literally perfect with no break-outs. I don't know why I didn't start with this sooner in life, but I finally found something that works. Next I use a serum, I've been loving this Age Delay Facial Serum by LolaJack (local love!) and it's all natural and smells amazing πŸ™ŒπŸ» Then I apply moisturizer. I use the SISLEΕΈA' L'INTEGRAL ANTI-AGE which I know is super expensive. A less expensive one that I also really like os the moisture surge thirst relief by Clinique. Then I'm ready for makeup.

Foundation. To be honest, most days and nights I do not wear foundation. I have pretty even skin so I feel like I don't need it. If I'm going somewhere dressy or feel like I need coverage (for photos or something) I go between Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish + Clnique CC cream, I love them both it kind of just depends on on my mood/where I'm going. I find the Bobbi Brown one to be a bit lighter and "matte" than the Clinique, with the Clinique giving me more glowy coverage.

Eyes. We're talking the need for some serious dark circles coverage here. I just discovered Bobbi Brown's Color Corrector and I don't know where it's been all my life. This stuff is GOLD. You apply this before your concealer and it neutralizes the color, it's amazing. Then I use Sisley #1 as my concealer. My favorite eyeliner is by Clinique, it just goes on so smoothly and blends in so well, you never get that weird "pencil got stuck in my skin thing so now it's chalky and clumpy looking. The color I use is Slate. I use Laura Mercier eye shadow, I got this in an influencer kit and I really like it and I only use the lightest color. Finally, mascara, I also just discovered Bobbi Brown's Eye Opening Mascara, another GOLD item. 

Sheesh this is a long post. 

I just bought the Smashbox Contour Kit and I'm still experimenting with it but I like it so far. If I'm being lazy, I just apply bronzer to my cheekbones and I like Sisley's Sun Glow Powder. I've had it forever and it looks so natural. I apply a little blush to my upper cheekbones and I use these blush twists which are AMAZE. You apply them with a stick but as soon as the blush hits your face it turns to powder so you can blend it in easily. I like the papaya color. One of my favorite products of theirs. 

Lips. I use Sisley Lip Twists... I know, I use a lot of Sisley, I seriously LOVE their products which is why I partner with them so frequently and everything they make it just so good! My favorite colors are Baby, Balm, Nude, and Peach . I also love Bobbi Brown's new art sticks, I wear Honey Bare.

Lastly, to blend everything in I brush this nude finishing powder all over :)

So all of this is when I'm getting really made up. I rarely wear this much make up and during the week I go  pretty much bare other than eye-concealer, eyeliner and mascara *everyday*, maybe a little blush or bronzer, and of course lips, but just a nude or gloss color, nothing crazy. 

Oh, and I started using these oval brushes to apply my foundation and I love them! They work crazy good to give you an even finish. 

Okay that was a lot. In hindsight I feel like I should have probably broken this post down into sections but here you go, the big overhaul. And I should do a video demonstration soon so I will, promise! I also wanted to be transparent here and let you know that I was gifted with some of this makeup by the brands. As an "influencer" or so I'm called, companies just send me stuff. I keep what I like and give what doesn't work away to friends and family. My key point here is although I do get some of this for free, I would NEVER EVER promote anything I didn't love and use on the regular <3