Music Lately

If you follow me on instagram stories, you probably hear a different song with every video I record. I'm a total music junkie, for me it just elevates the mood of any situation, even if it's just breakfast with the kids. We always have music on in our house and we use the Amazon Alexa that you can speak to and it sits in the epicenter of our house, our kitchen. Our kids are on to it now, too, I'll be asking for the Lumineers and then little Grace will shout out "Leca Leca, ABC's!! or Brian, "Alexa! Nursery Rhymes!" (sigh, is anything mine anymore?). And dance parties, we have frequent dance parties either in my office or in the kitchen to the latest pop music, it's just FUN. 

SO here are some of my current favorites: 

I can not get enough of Katy Perry's new song, Chained to the Rhythm, I bought the single on iTunes and play it all day, in my office while I'm working, while we're in the car, literally at all times. AND the coolest part for me is that my beloved Bob Marley's grandson, Skip, a rising star in his own right is featured, so cool right?!

I play Bob Marley sometimes all day in the background of our life, it sets such a nice calming mood and reminds me of warmth which we so desperately need right now!

The Lumineers, we always play them.

The Head and the Heart, kind of a similar sound to the Lumineers, SO good! 

Mumford & Sons, our favorite band in the entire world. We've been to two of their shows and they are INCREDIBLE live. We're traveling to Boston in May to see them again! 

The Chainsmokers. I love their new song Paris, we always break out into dance parties when this comes on, and Grace literally shrieks with excitement and starts dancing. 

The Weeknd, another dance party playlist...They are coming to New York in June, hoping we can go!!

Sufjan Stevens, definitely on the calmer end, nice quiet music to work along to and relax.

And that's about it, I  highly recommend the Alexa because it makes the music so accessible and then Spotify, because you can play any artist on demand at any time.

photo by Stephanie Elliott Photography

Stripes All Day

Stripes remind me of warm weather, and I'm jonesing hard for some sunshine on my shoulders these days (as I stare out onto a foot of snow on our deck ๐Ÿ™ˆ). You can totally wear stripes all year round and I've picked out some new favorites that I've been wearing lately, and some that I have already packed for our next vacation, umm that two piece dress?!!? 


1. This off the shoulder number is SO pretty, and you would never believe where I found it!

2. Striped espadrilles, these are classics and will never go out of style, SO cute for spring break and for summer!

3. This off the shoulder two piece dress is A-MAZING!! I just got mine for our next trip to Florida and I'm seriously in love. It's so different and beautiful, I plan on wearing it with a boater hat all summer long. 

4. This striped top can either be worn off the shoulder or as a boatneck. I've been wearing it as a boatneck and I love the bell sleeve detail. A trendy statement on a classic top (see below)

5. I love this surfer girl sweatshirt, perfect to layer on top of your bathing suit with ripped shorts, or white jeans.

6. Ruffles AND stripes?? Love this sweater, Sign me up!

7. This Hat Attack straw tote is SO cute. I used it while we were in Florida over the holidays and I especially loved it sitting in my bike basket. 

8. This backless bow bodysuit is everything. I posted it here and also wore it to fashion week and everyone loved it. You need to wear this bra with it, but you'll get use out of it if you like to wear backless tops. 

9. See? I told you that you'd get use out of the bra, another amazing backless top with the cutest bow detail!

10.! You can see me wearing it here.

11. I wear this striped sweater all the time! It's so soft and has the sweetest little scallop detail on the neckline and sleeves

12. Button cardigan, my mom bought me one of these years ago when I was pregnant and the style is still going strong. Now I have it so many colors and it is the most comfy cardigan to wear around the house and during the day with leggings ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

Happy Stripe Shopping! One more DAY until TGIF!

photos by Stephanie Elliott Photography

30-minute Chili Lime Rice Bowls

chili lime rice bowls

This is my new favorite weeknight dinner to make because it's literally SO easy, so tasty and super healthy. I love how it has a different flavor than most other foods we eat, and although I could probably eat tacos every night, I'm all for trying other Mexican-Inspired foods at home. 

SO here is what you need :

  • 3 peppers, red, yellow and orange
  • 1 yellow onion, sliced
  • 1 bunch of asparagus cut into two-three inch pieces
  • chicken (1 or 2 pounds worth)
  • brown rice (I buy the frozen pre-cooked packets from Trader Joe's which take three minutes to cook in the microwave
  • one fresh lime
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt & pepper
  • chili-lime seasoning from Trader Joe's (if you don't have a TJ's I'm sure your local super market will have this, or you can google what's in it and just buy all of the spices separately and combine.

Here is what you do

Preheat oven to 375

Slice up your vegetables into strips and place on a greased (I use pam) sheet pan. Toss with olive oil, salt and liberally sprinkle the chili-lime seasoning (about one tablespoon worth). Set aside.

Slice up your chicken into strips, and place these on a greased sheet pan as well. Pour some olive oil on the chicken, and liberally sprinkle the salt and chili-lime seasoning (again about one tablespoon worth). 

Place both sheets in the oven at 375 and let cook until done (about 10 minutes). The veggies need a little less than the chicken so take those out once they've reached a just-cooked texture, I don't like them too soft so I watch those closely. I usually let the chicken stay a couple extra minutes and just test one strip to see whether it's done or not. 

While the chicken and veggies are in the oven, cook your brown rice and place into a bowl. Squeeze some fresh lime and pour about 1/8 of a cup of olive oil into the rice. I also put the chili-lime seasoning on the rice, to taste. 

Once your veggies and chicken are done, take them out, and start making up your bowls. I usually put the rice in first, and then top with veggies and chicken. Squeeze some more fresh lime on top and you can sprinkle on some more seasoning as well, I'm a huge fan of it so I usually do this to mine. 

And that's it! You're done!